Sunset Skating Club Music Playing Policy

Guidelines for Music Player Volunteer:

  • Solo music are play in a first come first serve order in condition that Coaches have the priority of music playing.
  • Coaches have more than one skater playing their solos will have to take turns alternatively if another coach who come over for music playing. Eg:- If Coach A has three skaters a, b and c playing their solos and Coach B has three skaters 1, 2 and 3 going to play their solos while ` a ' is playing her solo, then the music will be playing in an order as :- a - 1 – b – 2 – c – 3. If another Coach C wants to have their skaters play their solos while skater 1 of Coach B is playing her solo, then Coach C's first skaters has to go after Coach A's next skater to play her solo, with the rest of the skaters playing their solos in an order of Coach A then C then B's skaters alternatively.
  • Pay attention to the position of other skaters at all times. Be especially alert for reverse jumpers.
  • If Coaches come in for skaters who has already play their solo before will goes to the end of the line of skaters in line who have never play their solo yet. Ps:- For senior skaters, their short and long program solos are treated as 2 different solos so they do have their right to play both their solos once in every skating sessions.
  • All Sections are open in a first come first serve manner.
  • Sessions for music playing will be open to all volunteers before the end of each month before each month's session begins.
  • All volunteers has to register via e-mail ( for sessions and has to have confirmation from our Club's board member to conform their registration for their sessions.
  • Registered volunteers MUST be present for their sessions, if not they must find a substitute for that session. Failure will result to not allow registering for any session for the next month.