• Junior Star

Junior Star is our Sunset program that teaches figure skating skills in a highly motivated group environment by our enthusiastic and dedicated club coaches and their assistants. This program is suitable for skaters who are interested in pursuing a higher level of figure skating after Junior Development. Skaters are placed into small groups according to their abilities and each group will rotate between stations during on-ice development to work on various elements throughout the session. Skill are taught in a progressive and sequential manner to facilitate development of proper skating technique. Skaters will gradually master all the necessary skills to perform the required elements in a program to allow participation in Skate Canada's entry level Star Events. There are four on-ice sessions each week available for Junior Star skaters to choose from.


All fundamental skating skills including jumps, spins, footwork, field movements, basic stroking, edges & turns and performance skills are the focused elements. A mix of slow and fast-paced exercise on creative edgework and powerful stroking will also be taught. Time will also be alloted to run through individual solos when skaters registered to participate in competitions. Fees for on-ice developments do not include coaching fees at competitions. Skaters who participate in competitions will be billed separately by club coaches for their coaching fees.


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