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Any skaters who has demonstrated the dedications and talents to become a competitive figure skater has earned the opportunity to access the best training possible. Sunset Skating Club offers all that is needed: Ice Time, Great Coaching Staffs, Enrichment Classes, & Off-Ice Programs.

Sunset club coaches come equipped with international experiences as judges, competitiors and coaches. Sunset offers senior ice time all year round, incorporating enrichment classes everyday: spin sessions, edge develoment, speed and stroking enrichments, competition simulations with guest judges and technical specialists.

Skaters who are part of the competitive stream learn a variety of life skills as they progress up the ladder of competition. Strong work ethics are emphasized during each day at Sunset as the coaches strive to instill positive personality traits that will help carry these young athletes through their entire lives. Determination, dedication, commitment and the ability to act as role models for younger Sunset skaters will help them achieve excellence on and off the ice. With the goal of being part of Provincial or National teams, skaters earn the chance to travel across Canada and beyond for annual competitions.

Many skaters who compete in the qualifying event structure also take tests in Skate Canada STARSkate Program or participate on synchronized skating teams. The only events that you may not be able to compete in are club, and STARSkate events, some which restrict entry of skaters who have competed in the qualifying event system.

The Qualifying Event Structure

There are several opportunities throughout the season for skaters to participate in competitive events. The CompetitiveSkate Program offers nationally standardized competitions to competitive skaters. These events are the stepping stones to things such as the National Team and the World and Olympic teams. Skaters competing in the qualifying event structure can do so at the Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior and Senior levels in singles, pair and ice dance.


Skate Canada BC/YK Sectionals

The Skate Canada BC/YK Sectionals are the first of the Skate Canada qualifying competitions. Skaters can compete in events from Pre-Juvnile, Juvenile, Pre-Novice to Senior. Those who finish in the top four places (8 places in Quebec) in the Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior and Senior events are eligible to compete at the Canadian Qualifying Event (Challenge). Sectional event takes place in November.

Skate Canada Challenge

The Skate Canada Western Challenge is an elimination event for the Canadian Figure Skating Championships (Novice, Junior and Senior skaters). Pre-Novice National Champions will be declared at a combined Challenge event in each discipline. These events are held in December.

Senior skaters qualify through these events for the Canadian Figure Skating Championships.

Number of athletes/entries qualifying for and competing at national championships
  Singles Pair Dance Notes
Novice 18 12 15 These numbers include skaters receiving a bye
Junior 18 12 15 These numbers include skaters receiving a bye
Senior 18 12 15 These numbers include skaters receiving a bye

Canadian Figure Skating Championships

The Canadian Figure Skating Championships are held every January in a different city. Competition is offered in singles, pair and ice dancing at the Novice, Junior and Senior level.

The top four Senior entries from the Qualifying Events (Challenge) are eligible to compete. Skaters will compete at Challenge other than those receiving a bye.

After completion of the Championships, the Skate Canada Board of Directors selects the teams that will represent Canada at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships, ISU Junior World Championships as well as the ISU Four Continents team. Results from this event are also used to help determine what skaters will be on the National teams.

What's Next?

There are a number of options once a skater decides that the Competitive Program may not be the Program for them. Skaters may choose to enter Skate Canada's STARSkate Program or participate on a Synchronized Skating team. Others who are leaving the Competitive Program to pursue other interests may be interested in becoming coaches, evaluators, judges, technical specialist, technical controller or data specialists. Others may choose to participate on a varsity skating team (if offered), or continue to skate and compete as an adult member of the Association.

Please refer to Skate Canada website for more references.


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